“I felt like I was going with a friend who really cared and made a real effort to understand my needs and look for the best possible options for me.”

Silvina López Freyre, Zürich Insurance

“More professionals would consider expatriate assignments if they knew about the enveloping security and helpfulness provided by ERES”

Luis Kim, Director, HP

“So caring and attentive as well as efficient that we shall be eternally grateful to ERES”

Mark Holness. Artistic Director,
Walt Disney Spain

“They seem to enjoy what they are doing and that gives ERES a competitive advantage”

Chris Taylor. HR Director,
General Motors Spain

“The most striking quality of the eres service is the warmth of its people”

Mr.John greeven. Marketing director,
Hewlett Packard

“Without their dedication and support suggesting schools, we would never made the best decision for our sons”

Mr Denise Robson,
wife of Pepsico marketing director

“They seem to enjoy what they are doing and, in my opinion, that gives them a competitive advantage.”

Mark Holness, Artistic Director, Walt Disney Spain

“Thanks for all the hard work. You have been simply awesome and made life so much easier for me.”

raig Glazier, Senior Counsel, Sun Microsystems

“You made the move easy, were competent and driven and used the time very well.”

Carsten Niederlaender, Head of Pharmaceutical Development, Laboratorios Almirall

“First of all I would like to thank all your team for making it happen! You were very kind and helpful and thanks to you I have a wonderful flat!”

Christos Papachristodoulou, Fusion For Energy

“First of all, many thanks for making this possible. My consultant is a great professional and was very supportive.”

Alfonso Faubel, Vice President of Business Alstom

“This was a great job to say the least. I am really grateful.”

Stamos Papastergiou, Fusion For Energy

“Thanks for all your help – you have been fantastic through this whole process.”

George Brasher, Hewlett Packard, Director, Inkjet Supplies

“I was thrilled with the service provided in Seville. It was faultless.”

Thierry Schenten, Airbus


ERES Consulting specialises in expatriate management in Spain, France, Portugal and over 70 countries worldwide

Moving people around the world is one of the biggest challenges for multinational businesses today. ERES provides bespoke solutions designed to ensure that your employees move stress free to their new location so that they can be up and running in their new roles as quickly as possible.