Based on more than 15 years of experience in Spain, Portugal and Angola, ERES opened its office in France in November 2014. Under the direction of Elaine Héry and Jose Antonio de Ros.

The ERES office is managed in Paris by Angela Isamat.

France, and Paris in particular, is an incredible place to live: the French culture, the “joie de vivre”, the internationally renowned French cuisine and, of course, the famous wines are just some of the attractions of this country and its rich culture and famous heritage.

Paris, “la ville lumière”, is the capital of France. The population is about 4 million, and including the entire Île-de-France it increases to 8 million.
Paris has the best air and rail networks in Europe, with connections to London, Brussels, Barcelona or Amsterdam by plane or high speed train in less than 3 hours, and the Burgundy vineyards, Normandy, Mont Saint Michel or the Reims cathedral in the Champagne region are only a two hour car ride away.

The stunningly beautiful classical Paris is the result of the urban development of the roman city of Lutetia, by the famous Baron Haussman and this historic architecture combines with the very modern state of the art buildings found in the area of La Defense.
Paris glamour and its architecture are unique and never fail to impress even those who have lived there all their lives. It is very easy to understand why Paris is generally considered as simply the most beautiful city in the world.

Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux in the southern part of France combine the very pleasant French way of life with the sunshine of a Mediterranean climate, impressive beaches or even the joys of skiing in the wonderful Alps.

If you head up to northern France you will find a rich cultural heritage with incredible cathedrals and castles, alongside modern cities like Lille, Strasbourg or Le Havre.

To live in France is an opportunity to enjoy one of Europe´s most beautiful countries and one of its richest and most fascinating cultures.