ERES Consulting specialises in expatriate management in Spain, France, Portugal and has a network of partners in over 70 countries worldwide

Moving people around the world is one of the biggest challenges for multinational businesses today. ERES provides bespoke solutions designed to ensure that your employees move stress free to their new location so that they can be up and running in their new roles as quickly as possible.

ERES works directly with Human Resource departments to ensure smooth and well managed moves that meet expectations and budget. Our experience and skill has made ERES the leading company in geographical mobility in Spain, France and Portugal.

Protecting our clients and expatriates interests throughout the process, our goal is to reduce both financial costs and the risk inherent in any international assignment.

ERES teams are multidisciplinary, multi-lingual, international and qualified. They work hard to anticipate and understand challenges before they arise, taking fast action to resolve problems promptly.

ERES’ three main work principles are: